About Us

Saleshub empower small and medium sized companies to grow faster

Saleshub offers an all-in-one growth demand stack for inbound and outbound sales team across the globe

Launched in 2014

We started in 2014, and back then, we were just Saleshub. Our goal? To provide the sales and data technology businesses needed to compete online and grow.
Over the next decade, we built an industry-leading tech and data stack that fuels growth for businesses of all kinds. Saleshub was in 2020 sold to a private equity firm that now owns and operated Saleshub.
Today, as Saleshub, we’re positioned to keep providing the innovative solutions companies need to keep growing, wherever their ambition takes them next.

Full Global Remote Organization

We have employees in more than 12+ countries and proudly support businesses in 51+ countries
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