This guide takes you through everything you need to know about LinkedIn connections: How do you steal or piggy back on some ones connections and hide yours.

Sales people always value their connections and it use to be a part of their true value, today it is easier than ever to build relations. Are your raising a VC fund, find the LP's of another fund by connecting to the first level connections of another funds founder. Looking to acquire your competitors customers then finding their LinkedIn connections can be a great strategy etc.

LinkedIn does by default show all your connections to the world! You may want to change your settings to avoid others to piggy back on your hard work and brand.

How can you see someone's connections on LinkedIn?

Maybe you have a frenemy whose connections you covet. How can you see their connections on LinkedIn?

  1. Go to the LinkedIn profile page of the person whose connections you want to see.
  2. Locate the "X connections" in the main section of their profile. If it is a link, click on it.
  3. Browse their contacts. LinkedIn takes you to a search results page. Use filters to find the connections you're interested in.

What if there is no link?

This means the person you are targeting the connections off, has their settings set well :) But rest assured there are ways to go around that (as described below).

✅  If you are not connected to this person, you have a way to go around it. Some LinkedIn users have made their connections only available to their connections and this happens about 30% of the times. If that's an option, you can connect to that person with your (or if a direct competitor use someone else's) account to see their connections.

❌  If you are already connected to this person, game over, you can't access the connections because they have hidden them, that means nothing can be done. in that case look at their coworkers.

What if they have more than 1,000 connections?

As LinkedIn by default gives you access to 100 pages to see, and there are 10 profiles per page, you are limited to 1,000 people. But again here are options to go around that limitation :)

When searching follow this approach and add more filters such as location to reach the connections in batched and go beyond 1,000.

How to protect your LinkedIn connections from being accesses from someone else?

  • Click the "Me" icon at the top of your LinkedIn page and select "Settings & Privacy".
  • Find the Visibility tab in your settings
  • Change it to "Only you" for maximum privacy

How to export your competitor's connections and automatically connect to them and email them?

Create a first level connection search on Linkedin

  1. Go to Salestools and signup or login
  2. Build an automation with starting point LinkedIn Search Extractor and copy the URL from Linkedin.
  3. Build your entire automation see examples here