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How Acronis scaled Demand Generation with

Salestools and became to become a Unicorn

1,500 Employees

Customer since 2015

Acronis is backing up the internet with Salestools

Acronis is the market leader in Online backup for enterprise companies across the globe. Acronis has more than 5 Million customers across 145 countries, and to support their global sales team, Acronis needed a truly global provider. Acronis is serving 79 of the top 100 biggest companies in the world.

Acronis is using Salestools to source new opportunities from their website, enrich their Salesforce data for their global Sales and Partner team.

“What set Salestools apart from any other solution is that they understand our workflow, allowing us to push reliable data and enrich our Salesforce instance, as well as assisting us to discover new potential companies that don't enter our Marketing Funnel is a game changer for us.” - ALEXANDER MIMIN (Global VP of Sales).

Acronis has been transforming how they use data the past 4 years with Salestools. When you are the market leader in backup and serve customers in 145 countries, data is the true difference between leadership and loosing market share. Salestools has been the cornerstone for Acronis to ensure the company is leading the way.

Acronis is working with Partners across the globel and they rely on the quality of data that Acronis syncs to them, and their success has been growing with over $15 Million in pipeline with Salestools over the last year.

Speexx is changing how we communicate at

the enterprise level with Salestools

200 Employees

Customer since 2015

Speexx elevates their sales cycle by using Salestools for Account Based Marketing

Speexx is the global market leader in language training across global companies. Their focus is to increase communication through language. Speexx is serving global companies from Vodafone, Volkswagen, Lufthansa, Saint-Gobain, Credit Suisse, Willis, Bayer, Sony,T-Mobile, Generali Group, among many global enterprise companies. Globally is more than 8 Million users having access across 1,500+ companies to Speexx.

“We have been using Salestools since their inception, our entire sales group has access to Salestools and their ability to provide accurate data has been fundamental for our processes and growth. Their customer success team is always there to help within minutes, which took us by a positive surprice everytime we had a question.” - Armin Hopp (Founder & President).

Speexx is covering their needs from China to the US with Salestools. With cutting edge technologies such as Salestools, Speexx keep growing their momentum as the market leader within Enterprise Language Learning.

Compliance Line Increased their inbound leads

by 6x with Salestools

45 Employees

Customer since 2019

Compliance Line elevates their sales cycle by knowing who are interested in Compliance software

Compliance Line sells software to ensure compliance across great American companies and institutions such as John Hopkins Hospital, University of Kentucky, Sutter Health among others. They are serving 4 Million Employees through their software to ensure compliance across 95 countries. Compliance Line realized that they had a strong conversion rate through their website, but they also realized that 94% of the visitors didn’t engage with them, and they realized Salestools would solve that problem.

“What set Salestools apart from any other company that we looked at was they have the biggest IP to domain name database in the world. This means we are able to track more potential sales leads than with any other platform. Secondly, it is their ability to auto qualify whom our sales team should target and focus on, without manual guesswork.” - Giovanni Gallo (CEO).

With cutting edge technologies such as Salestools, Compliance Line is a digital challenger in their industry, that is using technology to transform their business and gain a competitive advantage. Markets are changing, how you attract people to your website is rapidly changing but one thing that doesnt’t change is that without Saleshub we would be loosing up to 94% of our potential sales leads. Furthermore did Compliance Line assist their sales team with sales ready leads, that could be used for Account Based Marketing (Sales) to gain entry into new Enterprise accounts and assist to rapid revenue growth.

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