LinkedIn Connection Restriction Growth Hack


This is a guide on how to beat LinkedIns new invite restrictions to your advantage. 

It takes just 6 Steps here is the video if you want to see it in action.

Step 1:


Go to Linkedin download the list in an automation with Saleshub and export to a CSV file (dont forget to create a tag for them).


Step 2:


Create an automation with “My Contacts” as starting point to enroll them in after 3-4 days (not yet!) 


Step 3:


Now go to LinkedIn, click on My Network after Contacts finally on Upload Contacts. Select the last option to upload a CSV. Maximum 500 contacts per CSV per import (Important).


Step 4:


LinkedIn will search through the data you uploaded and search for profiles that contain any of the emails you uploaded with the prospect data, it will then present you with a list of everyone it has found.




Step 5:


Once loaded, you will need to scroll through all the way to the bottom of the list, this will load all profiles then you will need to run the piece of code below in your chrome browser console. Right click, select inspect then select console, past in the code at the very end and click enter. Leave it to run it will start to scroll and will take a few seconds to work but it will select everyone you have just uploaded.


Code to apply: 


var count = 0

var intervalId = window.setInterval(function(){


count = count + 1;


if(count > 12){



var links = document.querySelectorAll(‘a[href=”#”]’);

for (var i = 0; i < links.length; i++) {




}, 500);


Step 6:


Go to my Contacts in Saleshub and apply the TAG and add them to your Automation, of you add a 4 days delay between the first step to first message you are doing it right.





  1. Only upload 2-3 CSV per week to LinkedIn and make sure you randomise the days you upload.
  2. Before you upload your next CSV to LinkedIn, export and remove all of your contacts from the previous upload so you do not duplicate any data with the new upload.

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