No Spam

Say NO to SPAM

We are against sales people spamming prospects, it should simply be relevant and targeted and we are preaching the end of spam! Good sales emails converts and that is real 1-1 personalization + automations at scale!

Accept you get a pitch! Didn't check what Tech we use or mention it!

She know nothing about me, what is the value here and Sasho and Neil?

Fake Profile and again Doesn't check our website prior to pitching

Similar industry smells like automation and spam

LinkedIn Suggested to connect, and why would I care?

Recruiters fishing but didn't check the career page!

Stand out don't sound like the rest and sell more

1-1 Personalization is ensuring your get a higher reply rate, you convert more deals as it is ALWAYS about the prospect and not you.

Let's get personal with our Prospect and stand out in the noise

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