How we gather our data

How we gather our data

Saleshub is a B2B lead generation, outbound automation and data processing service. We maintain a database of 5.6 billion data points, including 400 million business profiles and 80 million companies. This unique data asset provides B2B organisations with a GDPR compliant way of prospecting leads and enriching data. Demand AI is Saleshub's proprietary AI technology. We use it to manage our database and provide high-quality, real-time B2B data to our clients.

Where does Saleshub get its data?

Saleshub acquires data from a variety of public and private high-quality sources. Saleshub runs a data network and sources includes crowd-sourced and consented-in private data together with state of the art crawlers.

How does Saleshub verify and enrich data?

Saleshubs Demand AI engine is a mix of intelligent technology and human ingenuity. It scans our B2B database and seeks out and targets stale data. Incorrect or obsolete data is immediately actioned and checked for accuracy, and is updated with the latest data. In this way, Saleshub is able to provide the freshest, most up-to-date data to our customers.

What is Saleshubs's compliance status?

Saleshub is committed to full compliance with international data regulations. We are a fully GDPR compliant data company and we have partnered with the a top UK law firm to ensure compliance. Our data asset addresses all B2B consent requirements Saleshub processes data under the grounds of “Legitimate Interest” under GDPR. We only collect or action data which is required for our own or our clients’ legitimate interests - which according to GDPR Recital 47 includes direct marketing. Saleshub commits to compliance in every step of the B2B sales and marketing process. We ensure that only relevant and necessary data is collected.

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