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1-1 Personalization is in the core of Saleshub

Let’s get straight to the main point doing outreach is no longer about automating and spamming people. It is about building connections.
Getting people to reply and not just starting out entering a list of people and mass connect and “spam” them.

Persononalization is in our core.

The TOP Reasons why companies
choose Saleshub over Expandi


Saleshub is safer on LinkedIn

Saleshub is not asking for your Email and Password and can be tracked on login by LinkedIn. That is an old technology used by inferior product in the market and it is not safe. We instead are using your session also known as your cookie and repeat your session in a safer way with automated limits to safe guard you.


Double Verified Emails + Technology Enrichment

Saleshub provide and find the email of people from Social networks, no matter if you are connected or not. We even as the first company in the market run them through a double email verification. We even enrich companies with data from


More Powerful and advanced Automations

Saleshub can run real automations that are truly customizable and advanced and can mix email and LinkedIn. You can even set them to be 100% personalized so the prospect will connect and communicate with you.

How we Compare

Functions Expandi Saleshub
LinkedIn Automation
Using Cookies
Emali Finder
Emali Verification
Email Automation
1-1 Personalization
Visitor Tracking
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