Saleshub Winter 2021 Update (Data, GPT-3 and Whatsapp)

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We are excited to release our biggest update to date! Pushing the barriers of what is possible and how to scale sales for any company of any size. We want our customers to crush their quotas and don’t just go to market, own your market!

It is time to Own and dominate your industry!

We believe sales acceleration software should be beautiful, powerful and provide a significant impact with sales signals, personalisation, processes, learnings and DATA. Thats why we are launching the biggest update to date!

Sales are about building a working process and bringing back personalization to new levels the days where you send a mass campaign on LinkedIn is gone now it is all about 1-1 Personalisation

No one wants the same lame connection request, I was doing research, Linkedin recommends us to connect this doesn’t cut it anymore!

The issue is 99% of LinkedIn requests aren’t personalized it is never about you but the sender always, this is the biggest mistake and we are fighting this! With the worlds first real 1-1 Sales Automation Platform

The biggest issue is companies are buying 4-8 Products to build an outbound sales pipeline today, First, they buy data, then verify emails, research the data, tracking website visitors then email and Linkedin outreach to get a conversation going in the end. But we strongly believe this is now how customers will own the market, or dominate their sales it is just TOO hard.

That’s why the hard-working team at Saleshub has spent 18 months since covid happening to build out a new way of finding, collecting, and use data for better signals, better data, and processes for teams that want to dominate their market today! We are very proud to announce Buying Signals, signaling companies that recently installed a technology, upcoming is job openings, website visitors, and much more.

We just didn’t make it a small update we made it the largest in the industry!

With over 200M companies, 350 Million contacts including 100M+ mobiles and 200M+ emails the limits of what we can offer are limitless when it comes to helping our clients building an outbound funnel.

All contacts will have enrichment with social profiles enabling you to engage on other channels and make a true impact. We are also the first and only company to offer DOUBLE email verification ensuring a higher deliverability rate.

Our sales methodology is to enable clients to reach their ideal customer profile on the platform that matters historically we have been focused on LinkedIn + Email but a new channel is coming

Saleshub will consist of a large database of mobile numbers so we tested Whatsapp and the open and reply rates are above 90% which is why we are launching the first unified process with LinkedIn+Email+Whatsapp in ONE UNIFIED PLATFORM

But reaching out cross channel you would need better conversational data and we are bringing in a new approach of unifying data with LinkedIn giving you the insights that truly matter welcome to 1-1 Personalisation.

1-1 Personalisation has proven to increase your reply rate by 5X but what if you are tired of doing the legwork writing the personalization well we are going to introduce OpenAI’s GPT-3 in Q4 2021 to do it for you.

Now that you got Data and a new channel what happened to the new LinkedIn connection request restrictions? Well, using our network effect we are now able to bypass the 100 weekly limits 🙂

Now that you can exceed your target what about analyzing your data, we are also introducing social stats to dive deeper into what is happening.

Now that people start replying how do you handle it the best way first of all we can auto-sync and create a reply in your CRM and add the contact so you save time (Hubspot+Pipedrive) which is saving you a ton of work.

Now that you have replies you can handle them in our Unified inbox to make it easy to handle

We have also added endless use cases with Inbound Webhooks that increase the workflows such as import and auto prospect recent funded companies from Crunchbase.

But we do not stop here as we are the #1 All in one Sales engagement or some will call it acceleration platform we have partnered with to add Visitor tracking.

We have exclusive access to enrich all data with

Further, we are using the safest method to operate with LinkedIn your Cookie, this is by far the best practice and Cookies can expire, so we are building out an automated platform to maintain your cookie which means once it expires we will auto-update it for you.

For outbound, we are coming with Custom Variables for emails in your import data and Syntax Spinner that can swap sentences and logic in your outreach to make sure each email is unique and you don’t land in the spam folder.

We also together with Techtracker build out the world biggest free LOGO API with over 180M+ Logos!

Now that you are browsing websites why not start the sales process from any website, we are introducing Saleshub Insights our new plugin coming in October 2021 which enables you to see their Techstack, employees and you can add them directly to an Automation (Sales process) or use Linkedin to start your automation.

Finally, we care about training and helping you exceed your goals that is the reason we are pushing out a Netflix styled training streaming service where we will interview the best coaches and share how to scale your business and use Saleshub, welcome to Demand+.

This is the Winter Update to Saleshub you can signup and try for free, no credit card required 👉 right here 

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