Set your Pipedrive Leads on Full Automations


We all love Pipedrive, a strong CRM that does what they promise! But we also hate manual task regardless of what we sell or what industry we are in. We thought about the process from Inbound Lead to automating outreach how can that be achieved in a better way?

One of the best things with Pipedrive is the deal management, it is powerful and at Saleshub we automatically create a deal upon each signup. This is how we manage it internally and we have seen once we implemented this automation our trial to paid customers increased by over 40% compared to the rate before having the automation. Firstly a sales rep get in touch with a lead at their time even if a different part of the world. It is personal and the leads realize what Saleshub can do for them within the first hour.

So we set a Webhook from Saleshub and automated with Zapier, this will automatically once a deal is created automatically send a connecting request on LinkedIn and email a personal email from the Sales rep welcoming them to book a meeting.

Next step is to set a Only if filter to choose the condition

We have a filter for all new deals that is called Label = New

Next we set an Inbound Webhook in Saleshub connected to the automation build for new leads.

Then go to Integrations and select Webhook in the bottom

In Zapier choose step 3 Webhook and type post.

Remember below in field called URL to add your Saleshub Webhook URL πŸ‘‡

Turn on and you are good to go.

Now you have automated your Pipedrive with Saleshub 100% Automated.

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