Visitor tracking

Know who is visiting your website in real time!

Our Partnership with ExactVisitor brings their data inside Saleshub for just $49/month for company tracking and can be 100% automated with Automatinos.

Reveal the real visitors with our ExactVisitor integration

It’s easy to identify a site visitor’s IP address, but it’s like having a fingerprint — unless you know who it belongs to, it’s not much help. That’s where Saleshub comes in. Now, you can instantly match IP addresses with company names, and see full company datasets for all site visitors.

Set powerful visitor alerts

Using Alerts is an easy way to track companies that are adding or dropping technologies you integrate or compete with. This allows you to connect with potential clients or customers that are trailing competitors.

Real time visitor Slack Alerts

Send visitor alerts direclty to Slack when a visitor matches your ICP

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