Why are Reply rates the metric to watch and not open rates for emails?

reply rates

For years we all has been focussed on open rates and seen it as some sort of golden metric that we care about, if open rates was under 40% we all felt we did something wrong. This is about to change, and you are like it our not having to adapt that open rates are no LONGER accurate, does not matter the platform you are sending with.

So you may wonder why?

Well iOS 15 changes this game completely!

Apple’s iOS 15 allows users to opt in to its Mail Privacy Protection feature, which essentially blocks email senders from being able to see information on how those users interact with emails. What’s ironic, though, is that the feature could cause open rates to inflate, not drop.

So wait a second, it inflates your open rates, to look higher and not lower? Who would have guessed that. So now all your outbound looks incredible but the reply rate is so far off, that you may start thinking my subject is AWESOME, but my content + CTA is not! Well it may not be the truth!

See here is the latest data from Validity’s report:

“Any subscriber that uses an Apple mail client with MPP will have their email images prefetched and cached, causing those emails to register as ‘opened,’ even if the recipient did not physically open the email,” said email company Validity in a statement last week. “This will have a significant, sweeping impact on the industry, as Validity data shows that Apple dominates email client usage at about 40%. In addition, marketers will lose the ability to track device and location data from these pixels as well.”

Now what action do you need to take as In essence, open rates are a vanity metric today, and truly reply rates and click on links matters!

So far so good, don’t count on open rates any longer, it will mess with your strategy, rather focus on Clicks and Reply rates and optimize based on those metrics.

To obtain a better reply rate! The relevance matters your bring to the prospect matters! That can either be running real 1-1 personalization or target based on for example LinkedIn comments. Both have high reply rates, as you mentioned something they truly care about. Another example is to use their technology with for example Techtracker.io to reach out based on the technology they use and mention it.

Now this is what you should truly focus on, if you start to optimize based on open rates, you will increase the odds of a lower conversion, as you can’t rely on the metric these days. Clicks and Replies are the only thing you truly can measure and should work for.

Hope that gives you some insigts.

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